Gautam Sharma

Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Marketer

Social Media Marketing

“Learn more”, “Sign up now”, “Download our free e-Newsletter” – If you have seen such buttons on Social Media Platforms, it is because of one of us- Social Media Marketers.

Being one of the youngest and coolest platforms for marketing, Social Media requires people who are crazy, diverse, and have a natural affinity towards Social Media Marketing and Social media metrics, I believe I am one of those crazy, diverse, youngsters who can handle social media promotions with efficiency and also interpret the metrics, fostering organizational growth.

I found social media to be an interesting platform and hence took a special interest to learn more about it. I enrolled myself in the Social Media Marketing certification offered by Hubspot academy, thereby adding Social Media to my knowledge base. I used my prior experience and the knowledge obtained through this course to do structured social media campaigns for my company and for my business school as well. I have also served as the Social Media Manager and a Social Media committee head for several Toastmasters conferences.

I am currently working part time as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas and my responsibility is to promote the MBA program of my school. Social media is one of the key tools I use to achieve this. I run High quality live feeds on social media and also produce marketing videos for the school. I am also serving as the Vice President of Public Relations in our school’s Toastmasters club, and this role is extensively dependent on Social Media Skills.