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Inbound Marketing

Gautam Sharma Inbound Marketing Certification

As a passionate marketer, I learned that the best approach these days is to create an awareness among the target customers and thereby make them feel interested in our product/service. To broaden the scope of my company, I started embracing the inbound marketing approach. To equip myself better, I also completed a certificate course on Inbound Marketing. 

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding. With the rise of new technologies backed by the spreading internet, inbound marketing became one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Since 2006 many companies understood that to be successful, content must be connected with customers’ interests. Inbound marketing provides information, an improved customer experience and builds trust by offering potential customers information they value via company sponsored newsletters, blogs and entries on social media platforms. Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott says that inbound marketing allows marketers to “earn their way” into a customer’s awareness rather than invading their awareness through paid advertisements. The term “inbound marketing” was coined by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and is synonymous with the concept of Permission Marketing, a 1999 book by Seth Godin. Compared with outbound marketing, inbound reverses the relationship between company and customer. In fact, while outbound marketing is going to push the product through various channels, inbound marketing creates awareness, attracts and helps new customers with channels like blogs, social media, etc. [Source: Wikipedia]