Gautam Sharma

Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Marketer

Event Hosting

Live events are a big source of energy for me. The very feel of being on stage in front of a happy and vibrant crowd fuels me with high octane adrenaline. I have had an opportunity to host a wide variety of shows ranging from wedding and birthday to corporate gigs and sports broadcast. Every show taught me something, every show made me more confident, and every show helped me learn the art of connecting with people. Even now at college if there is a show that needs an anchor, my hand goes up involuntarily to volunteer for the show!

When you pursue something that you like, it opens doors to more opportunities. I slowly progressed from a small time event host to the live broadcast anchor for MRF’s national level Motor Sports in conjunction with Yamaha, Honda, TVS, and Volkswagen. Here is a small video from the event. Kindly feel free to skip the first minute.