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Gautam Sharma E-Mail Marketing Certificate

If social media is the cocktail party, then e-mail is the ‘meet up for coffee’: the original one to one channel. – Erik Harbison

I strongly believe in the power of mails and took special interest towards learning e-mail marketing. I took the online course on email marketing by Hubspot Academy and learnt the nuances of emails. I introduced email marketing concepts to toastmasters clubs in my city by conducting special workshops. The clubs are now performing well in terms of PR activities and they feel that email marketing has enabled the clubs to add a personal touch to their members. 

I also started using email marketing in my event management venture by conducting customer experience surveys, sending them useful information about event management, sending them personalised birthday wishes and so on. This helped me to establish a better connect with my customers and they started availing my services again and again.  

And now, I also use email automation to help people around the world with free training programs that send them lessons on a regular basis.Email automation has helped me successfully accomplish this. I run training programs about “Effective PR in Non-Profit Organizations”, “Impromptu speaking”, “Giving constructive Feedback”, and I plan to launch many such free training programs in the future. 

Email marketing has also helped me understand my target market by conducting AB tests, Subject line tests and much more, and this helps me tailor my content to different audience. Erik Harbison is right, Email is the original one to one Channel, and will remain so for ages to come. 

Screenshots from some of the email audiences and campaigns I worked on. 


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