Gautam Sharma

Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Marketer


YouTube has not only made millions of videos available to us, but it has also enabled anyone to become a celebrity. Gone are the days when we needed a professional setup and a lot of experience to be a celebrity. With YouTube, your next door boy with a cellphone camera could become the next YouTube celebrity.

It all started with a Television show I was invited to. The national broadcaster of Sri Lanka wanted a guest for a Friday morning motivational show. I was fortunate to have received that invitation from them and that was my first experience with lights and cameras.

This made me fall in love with videos. Also, due to my association with the media and entertainment industry, I had a natural inclination towards producing videos. I started a YouTube channel and started making multiple series of videos. My first series, “Get closer to success”, aimed at sharing short 3-5 minute life lessons.

The next series focused on sharing my Toastmasters learning and experience. This was aimed at Toastmasters audience exclusively giving them lessons about speech writing, impromptu speaking, club management, conference management, giving constructive feedback and much more.

One of my personal favourites is a series called “Inspired”. This made me an opportunity to travel and meet interesting people. I would gather information about unsung heroes of the society and travel to their place to have an interview with them. From a bus driver who allocates 50% of his already little monthly income towards making the country green by planting millions of saplings, to a woman with multiple sclerosis who runs a charitable trust for people with disabilities, I met them, got inspired, and shared the inspiration with the rest of the world through YouTube.

I am currently working on scripts for new video blogs and interesting content. My academics is taking priority now with two graduate programs running in parallel. But video making is something that will continue to be my hobby forever!